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About KING

KING serves and assists all 388 Dutch municipalities. We represent the interests of cities and towns dealing with national government, other local governments and/or social institutions. We assist in local governance with regard to issues ranging from information management and security, ICT and civil services.
KING assists municipalities with the implementation of new legislation or tasks. We review the feasibility of new laws and the measures municipalities must take in order to comply. We analyse organizational structures and information systems. Moreover we secure alignment with existing required responsibilities so that new tasks can be performed efficiently and effectively.
The tasks of local governments have increased dramatically in the past few years. This major shift from national to local responsibility has resulted in an ever-increasing amount of responsibilities in the fields of economic development and social services. KING is a platform for opinion forming, development and change to improve municipal services with a focus on efficiency. We recognise the value for municipalities to use and share new technologies and systems. We encourage the use of technology in ways that increase the security and privacy of citizens. KING connects municipalities in order to increase collaboration and to find new ways of sharing and using information. Together with municipalities we develop generic products and services that municipal government would otherwise develop separately from each other. This empowers municipalities as a group and frees up time for those things that must be dealt with on an autonomous and individual basis.

Digitale Agenda 2020: Roadmap

Welke wettelijke, technologische en maatschappelijke ontwikkelingen komen op uw gemeente af?

Bekijk het in de Roadmap.